Soft Skills You Should Be Highlighting on your Resume

Is your resume primarily emphasizing technical skills? AgHires has laid out a great guide for soft skills to include in your resume for agriculture jobs, though this advice does not just apply to those seeking a job in agriculture. Crafting a strong resume that shows you possess these core skills is going to make you a stronger applicant in any industry.

Click here to access the full blog post on that provides suggestions and examples for incorporating key soft skills like adaptability, problem-solving, decision-making, and more into your resume.

*Please note, at the Career Connections Center, we strongly encourage incorporating soft skills in your experience bullet points, highlighting when and how you’ve demonstrated the skill rather than listing soft skills in a skills section. Additionally, keep in mind that you’ll want to tailor your documents for specific roles that you’re applying for.

By Gabby Diaz-Portalatin
Gabby Diaz-Portalatin Career Pathways Coach