Career Horizons: Preparing for your Career in Architecture, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, or Agriculture (workshop recap + recording)

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024 Career Pathways Coach Gabby hosted a virtual workshop exploring resources and information for those interested in careers in these industries.  Content covered included job market data, such as occupation growth, salary information, as well as resources for exploring possible careers, and tips for networking.

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Event Summary:

Gabby introduced herself as the career pathways coach for architecture, manufacturing, natural resources, and agriculture and announced the upcoming UF Career Week happening in late January.

General Trends:
She discussed some overarching themes affecting work, workforce, and the workplace emphasizing the importance of adaptability, flexibility, and lifelong learning in today’s constantly evolving employment landscape. She also touched on the short shelf life of technical skills and the implications of a multi-generational workplace.

Occupational Growth and Salary Data Presentation:
Gabby presented a detailed overview of the projected growth of different occupations based on data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational outlook handbook. Gabby highlighted contributing factors of these growth predictions. She also noted that the salary data varied across industries and that the national averages could differ from specific states or regions. Gabby concluded by saying that she would demonstrate how to find this information on one’s own if folks wanted to take a deeper dive.

Career Exploration and Job Market Data Resources:
Gabby presented two main resources to help with career exploration and accessing job market data. The first resource is the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, which provides detailed information about various occupations, including job outlook, work environment, daily tasks, and required education and training. The second resource is the Career Hub, a newly launched online platform that offers a wide range of tools and resources, including job market data and career pathway community pages. She walked through all of the niche information that can be found on the Architecture, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, and Agriculture community page. Gabby also highlighted a tool called “What Can I Do With This Major?”, which provides insight into different areas where one can work based on their major.

Networking for Career Success
Gabby stressed the importance of networking for career success, noting that around 85% of jobs are filled through personal networks. She encouraged attendees to start networking early, aiming to establish connections that could lead to job opportunities. Gabby highlighted the difference between networking with recruiters and hiring managers versus alumni and professionals in the desired career field, emphasizing that the latter can provide access to a broader range of opportunities. She also mentioned the importance of informational interviews as a way to learn about different roles and industries while simultaneously expanding one’s network. Finally, Gabby discussed the Gator network, a platform where students and alumni can connect.

Gabby emphasized the importance of utilizing alumni and LinkedIn resources for job and career exploration. She demonstrated how to use filters on LinkedIn to find specific job titles, companies, and locations, as well as to connect with alumni based on shared interests and majors. Gabby also highlighted the available career services such as one-on-one appointments for career advice, resume reviews, and interview prep. She encouraged attendees to take advantage of these resources and to consider setting up appointments for more in-depth discussions.

By Gabby Diaz-Portalatin
Gabby Diaz-Portalatin Career Pathways Coach