Tips for Success at the DCP Industry Expo

On Thursday, February 8th, 2024 Career Pathways Coach Gabby hosted a virtual workshop where she discussed the benefits of attending networking events and provided guidance on how to prepare for the upcoming DCP Industry Expo. She emphasized the importance of researching companies, polishing your resume, and practicing your professional introduction (elevator pitch). Gabby also highlighted the Career Fair Plus app, and services offered through the Career Connections Center to help students prepare for the expo.

Click here to watch the workshop recording.


Professional Introduction
Gabby spoke about the importance of practicing a professional introduction or ‘elevator pitch’. She emphasized the need to convey one’s identity, strengths, achievements, and aspirations in a conversational manner. Gabby also highlighted the need to understand the target audience and tailor the pitch accordingly. She provided an example of a student’s pitch and stressed the importance of a blend of industry experience and transferable skills. Gabby also discussed the importance of a call to action in the pitch and advised practicing the pitch while keeping in mind these guidelines.

Professional Image
Gabby emphasized the importance of presenting a professional and comfortable image, recommending the use of the ‘Career Closet’ for those in need of appropriate attire. She mentioned that the closet, located in the career connections center, offers a variety of clothes and accessories, and items are free to keep. Gabby also pointed out that professional headshots are available, but require appointment scheduling.

Expo Logistics
She then discussed the upcoming expo, explaining the location (the O’Connell Center), entrance process (enter at the administration gate), and security measures (everyone must pass through a metal detector), as well as a bag check service to help attendees focus on their networking.

*Students wanting a printed name tag should be sure to register using the Qualtrics form before the deadline*

Tips for After the Fair & Other Reminders
She advised attendees to prepare key points and an elevator pitch, but also to be flexible and ready for genuine conversations. She encouraged attendees to do their research about the companies they’re interested in and to ask questions about their findings. Gabby also stressed the importance of clarifying next steps and obtaining contact information for future follow-ups. She also suggested taking notes during the expo to help distinguish between companies and positions, and to personalize follow-up messages.

By Gabby Diaz-Portalatin
Gabby Diaz-Portalatin Career Pathways Coach