Medi-Gators Peer Advising

Are you pre-health? Are you eager to craft your unique pre-health experience? Firstly, congratulations on your interest in pursuing a career in healthcare! Being ‘pre-health’ is a wonderful journey of medical exploration and education that can be tailored to your interests along the way. Getting involved as a pre-health student at the University of Florida may initially seem daunting; however, our team of Peer Mentors is here to help!

Medi-Gators is a pre-health program, run through UF Health, that provides accessible shadowing, mentorship, and clinical opportunities for students like you. In collaboration with UF Pre-Health Advising and the Career Connections Center, we are excited to support you on your journey to healthcare! So, what’s next? The Medi-Gators Peer Mentors are here to empower, guide, and support all prospective, current, and recently graduated pre-health students. Our Peer Mentors are pre-health students who each have unique paths, experiences, and backgrounds that have led them to where they are today. Using their training from pre-health advisors and their breadth of knowledge regarding various health professions, in addition to their personal experiences, Medi-Gators Peer Mentors can provide you with guidance and answer questions about extracurricular involvement, clinical experience, volunteer opportunities, research, letters of recommendation, shadowing, mentorship, the application process and an overview of application components, careers in healthcare, and more. For specific questions regarding academics (i.e. your course schedule, majors/minors) and in-depth advising regarding your professional school application, we suggest you speak with a pre-health advisor.

With the combined efforts of Pre-Health Advising and the Career Connections Center, Medi-Gators is eager to serve as an additional resource for pre-health students to feel supported, confident, and comfortable as they pursue a career in healthcare! Come by the Career Connections Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9AM – 11AM this semester to meet with a Medi-Gators peer advisor.

By Brendan Daigle
Brendan Daigle