Business, Public Service and Tourism

The Business, Public Service, and Tourism Career Pathway encompasses a wide range of career interests and opportunities, including business management and administration, finance, entrepreneurship, government and public administration, law and public safety, and hospitality and tourism. Students and alumni exploring careers in these fields will find customized resources, programs, and services to help them achieve their career goals and develop world readiness – the skills they need for life, citizenship, and work.


Career clusters included in this Career Pathway include:


  • Business Management and Administration – includes careers leading and managing businesses, including planning, organizing, and support. This includes entrepreneurship, retail, real estate, and careers leading and managing for-profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations.


  • Finance – includes careers in financial and investment planning, banking, insurance, and business financial management, including with organizations like banks, insurance agencies, and investment funds.


  • Government and Public Administration – includes careers in government at all levels, including local, state, and federal government entities, international and intergovernmental organizations, and non-government organizations (NGOs). These careers may include public policy, international relations, language and translation, security, natural resources, economic development, and public services.


  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security – includes careers in law, public safety, corrections, and security. Pre-law students are included in this career cluster.


  • Hospitality and Tourism – includes careers in managing, marketing, and operations of restaurants, lodging, attractions, recreation, entertainment, sports, and travel.


You are welcome to engage with as many pathways as you would like! Take time to review the community – check out the articles and blog posts and explore the resources to learn more about these industries. You will also find things you can do now, like joining a related student organization or getting involved with a professional association, to explore and develop relevant skills and knowledge.


Gator Career Chat: National and State Parks, Environmental Protection, and Conservation (workshop recap + recording)

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Gabby Diaz-Portalatin Career Pathways Coach
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David Adams Assistant Director for Career Pathways – Business, Public Service, and Tourism
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Shelby Beck, Federal Relations Associate, UF Office of Federal Relations, and Dr. Kevin Bird, Lecturer and Experiential Learning Coordinator, Bob Graham Center for Public Service, overviewed the Washington Internship Program (WIP), which provides a full-time internship in …

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David Adams Assistant Director for Career Pathways – Business, Public Service, and Tourism
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David Adams Assistant Director for Career Pathways – Business, Public Service, and Tourism
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Alumni Connections

  • Vice President Meridian Appraisal Group, Inc.
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  • Founder & CEO Abe
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  • Full Time Mom
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  • Sr. Analyst, Strategy REEF
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Nate Cross

Alumni, Faculty
  • Senior Director of Development Administration University of Florida Advancement
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  • Manufacturing Supervisor Lockheed Martin Corporation
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