Human Services, Consulting and Education

The resources and tools found within this community have been designed and curated to support individuals interested in fields related to Human Services, Consulting, and Education. This community covers three main areas: 

  1. Human Services – The human services career cluster encompasses professionals dedicated to improving the overall well-being and quality of life for individuals and communities. The three pathways within the human services cluster include Counseling and Mental Health Services, Family and Community Services, and Human Resources roles.  
  2. Consulting – The consulting career cluster involves professionals who provide expert advice and solutions to organizations, businesses, and individuals to optimize their operations and achieve their goals. Consulting ranges across different industries, but some examples include Management Consulting, Education Consulting, and Life Sciences Consulting. 
  3. Education – The education career cluster comprises professionals who are dedicated to nurturing learning, fostering development, and shaping the future through various educational settings. The three pathways with the education cluster include Administration and Administrative Support, Professional Support Services, and Teaching/Training. 

Take time to review the community – check out the articles and blog posts and explore the resources to learn more about these industries. You will also find things you can do now – like joining a related student organization, getting involved with a professional association, or exploring how to develop relevant skills and knowledge. 


Gator Career Chat: Navigating Sales Careers Across Industries (event recap & recording)

In this workshop, professionals from diverse industries unlocked the secrets to success in the dynamic sales world. Participants gained valuable insights into the art and science of salesmanship as the panelists shared their sales roles and approaches, emphasizing the importance …

By David Adams
David Adams Assistant Director for Career Pathways – Business, Public Service, and Tourism
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Gator Career Chat: Building Your Future Through Community Involvement (event recap & recording)

In this workshop, panelists discussed how getting involved in the community offers networking opportunities and a chance to build skills that extend beyond the classroom while making a difference in the lives of our neighbors here in Gainesville. They shared …

By David Adams
David Adams Assistant Director for Career Pathways – Business, Public Service, and Tourism
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(Re)Introducing the Nonprofit Salary Explorer | Your Go-To Compensation Tool

Equity, negotiation, counter-offers, wage gaps, cost-of-living … the list goes on! Considering the breadth of topics and frequently asked questions that fall within the “salaries” category, it seems like it’s always a good time to discuss compensation. 

And here at …

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Gator Career Chat: Careers in Human Resources (Event Recap and Recording)

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, the Career Connections Center hosted a virtual panel event on careers in human resources. The panelists provided insight about the day-to-day of their roles, and how they’ve leveraged their educational background and technical skills to …

By Sarah Blackmon
Sarah Blackmon Career Pathways Coach -- Human Services, Consulting, and Education
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Top 10 glamorous education jobs for students, recent grads, and others early in their careers

The field of education, often perceived as traditional and understated, holds a variety of roles that sparkle with a unique glamour, particularly for students, recent graduates, and those early in their career paths. These positions offer a blend of intellectual …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Alumni Connections

Ben Zion

  • University of Florida
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Tara Routie

Alumni, Faculty
  • Gainesville, Florida
  • Career Coach UF Warrington College of Business
Meet Tara >
  • Recruitment and Staff Development Coordinator Florida Department of Elder Affairs
Meet Sarah >
  • Relationship Strategist, Brand Development & Marketing Specialist The Red Key (Startup)
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Glory Orivri

Alumni, Faculty
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  • Interim Assessment Specialist Santa Fe College
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LinkedIn Learning

Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement

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Human Resources Foundations

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Critical Roles Consultants Play (and the Skills You Need to Fill Them)

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Consulting Foundations: Client Management and Relationships

Client relationships are the foundation of your consulting business. Whether you work for a big firm or are going solo…

Consulting Foundations

Consulting is a top-paying, high-growth career path that comes with benefits like being able to set your own schedule and…

Teaching Techniques: Blended Learning

Taught by Chris Mattia
Blended learning is all about the students: combining instruction with digital resources to help increase student achievement and engagement. In…

How to Design and Deliver Training Programs

Taught by Jeff Toister
An effective training program helps to accelerate an employee’s professional development and prepares them to excel in their role. In…

Brain-Based Elearning Design

Taught by Joe Pulichino, Ed.D.
In this course, Dr. Joe Pulichino explains how to use techniques for elearning design based on brain science, that—when applied—make…

Using Design Principles to Enhance Remote Trainings

Taught by Madecraft
You’ve established the structure of your remote training project along with its learning needs and goals, and you’re now ready…

Gamification for Interactive Learning

Taught by Karl Kapp
Gamification allows you to present educational content to learners in a way that’s engaging, visually compelling, and personalized. In this…

Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement

Taught by Karl Kapp
Engaged students become more active learners. Help set learners up for success by teaching in a more interactive and immersive…

Test Prep: GRE

Taught by Vince Kotchian
The GRE is the most common graduate school entry exam and is also accepted by many business schools. In this…

Learning Google Classroom 2016

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
Technology is changing the way we teach, and Google’s leading the charge. Google Classroom is the latest offering from Google…

Learning SCORM and Tin Can API

Taught by David Rivers
SCORM, the Sharable Content Object Reference Model, integrates elearning content into learning management systems (LMSs), whether they’re proprietary or purchased…

Teaching with Technology

Taught by Kevin Kelly
Put the “tech” into your teaching. Learn how to use technology to enhance course design, lesson planning, presentations, in-class activities,…

Instructional Design: Adult Learners

Taught by Jeff Toister
Adult learners have specific needs that have to be considered during the instructional design process. In this course, one in…

Gamification of Learning

Taught by Karl Kapp
Gamification is an underutilized element in instructional design, but it’s crucial to engaging today’s learners and enabling content mastery. In…

Instructional Design: Needs Analysis

Taught by Jeff Toister
Need to understand the training requirements of your learners? A needs analysis is the first step of any ADDIE-aligned instructional…

Instructional Design: Creating Video Training

Taught by Garrick Chow
In this course, Garrick Chow shares the tips, tricks, and training techniques he’s learned from over twelve years of leading…

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