Human Services, Consulting and Education

The resources and tools found within this community have been designed and curated to support individuals interested in fields related to Human Services, Consulting, and Education. This community covers three main areas: 

  1. Human Services – The human services career cluster encompasses professionals dedicated to improving the overall well-being and quality of life for individuals and communities. The three pathways within the human services cluster include: Counseling and Mental Health Services, Family and Community Services, and Human Resources roles.  
  2.  Consulting – The consulting career cluster involves professionals who provide expert advice and solutions to organizations, businesses, and individuals to optimize their operations and achieve their goals. Consulting ranges across different industries, but some examples include Management Consulting, Education Consulting, and Life Sciences Consulting. 
  3. Education – The education career cluster comprises professionals who are dedicated to nurturing learning, fostering development, and shaping the future through various educational settings. The three pathways with the education cluster include: Administration and Administrative Support, Professional Support Services, and Teaching/Training. 

Take time to review the community – check out the articles and blog posts and explore the resources to learn more about these industries. You will also find things you can do now – like joining a related student organization, getting involved with a professional association, or exploring how to develop relevant skills and knowledge. 


Who’s Hiring? 10 Nonprofits Working in Education

The demand for engaged social-impact professionals continues to grow, with more than 4,000 job listings currently live on Idealist. To help you narrow your search and find relevant roles, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 education nonprofits hiring right …

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This is How Chat GPT Can Revolutionize Your Job Search

Interested in learning how you can incorporate Chat GPT in your job search? Click here to read the full article:

By Sarah Blackmon
Sarah Blackmon Career Pathways Coach -- Human Services, Consulting, and Education
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Gator Career Chat: Careers in Consulting – Panel Event Recap and Event Recording

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, the Career Connections Center hosted a virtual panel event on careers in consulting. We partnered with four UF Alumni working within various industries in consultant roles. The link to the panel recording is posted below, …

By Sarah Blackmon
Sarah Blackmon Career Pathways Coach -- Human Services, Consulting, and Education
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Who’s Hiring? 11 Nonprofits Hiring for Manager-Level Roles

If you’ve been working in the social-impact sector for a few years, you may be starting to think about next steps; how you’d like to grow personally and professionally, and what you need to do to get to where you …

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When Do College Students Need to Do an Internship?

You may know that internships are a great launching point for your career, giving you a leg up in the application process, professional experience, job skills, and more. But when do college students need to do an internship? Is it …

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Alumni Connections

  • Founder & CEO Abe
Meet Beth >
  • Full Time Mom
Meet Daniela >
  • HR/Recruiting Manager Assisting Hands Home Care
Meet Angie >
Meet Kristina >

Emmely Pavila

Alumni, Faculty
  • Research Coordinator I Southern HIV & Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC)
Meet Emmely >
  • Sr. Analyst, Strategy REEF
Meet Bradley >

Nate Cross

Alumni, Faculty
  • Senior Director of Development Administration University of Florida Advancement
Meet Nate >

Rebecca Kidwell

Alumni, Faculty
  • Academic Program Specialist for Clinical Education University of Florida, Department of Physical Therapy
Meet Rebecca >

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