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Building Career Agility and Resilience in the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world, and there’s a growing apprehension about its effects in our personal and professional lives. In this course, futurist and agility expert Chris Shipley examines how you can reimagine your career to adapt and find success in the age of AI. Chris first takes you through AI technologies and how they may impact work, ways to proactively adapt to these technologies, and skills to develop a “future-proof career mindset.” Chris then guides you on the importance of continuing to learn about AI and how to do it; developing human skills that will help you stand out; creating a robust and diverse network to navigate disruption; strategies to adapt in your current role; finding ways to harness the power of AI; and driving your career forward (no matter how the world changes) with meaning, energy, and your personal strengths.

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