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Building Skills to Become a Powerhouse Negotiator

Negotiation is an essential skill for success, both in professional and personal endeavors. However, many people lack formal training in negotiation, relying solely on their instincts or limited knowledge. In this course, adapted from the American Negotiation Institute podcast Negotiate Anything, Kwame Christian discusses with Anuj Jagannathan, a highly skilled negotiator and author of two books, how to navigate the complexities of negotiation. They discuss the importance of structured negotiation education. Anuj dives into the five different negotiation styles and how understanding your own style and that of others can lead to effective strategies and successful outcomes. By developing self-awareness and adapting your strategies to align with different negotiation styles, you can navigate difficult conversations and achieve mutually beneficial agreements. Dive into the world of negotiation styles and uncover the power they hold in becoming a powerhouse negotiator.

This course was created by the American Negotiation Institute. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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