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Chief Technology Officer Career Guide

Chief technology officers (CTOs) shape both what a company makes and the culture in which it’s made. Along with providing innovative solutions and building stellar products on time and on budget, CTOs must curate a solid engineering team and spread the good word about the technology they help to create. In this course, instructor Drew Falkman shares his hard-won, real-world understanding of what it takes to be a great CTO.

Learn tips and techniques for hiring a great team, creating a healthy, remote work culture, and improving collaboration across your organization. Explore strategies and analytics for product management, including how to guide an efficient product life cycle so you can get the most out of your technology, particularly in the cloud. Discover the fundamentals of choosing a platform, hosting and servers, and whether or not you should buy or build, as Drew helps you develop the skills you need to become a well-respected, effective CTO.

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