Human Services, Consulting and Education

Consulting Foundations

Consulting is a top-paying, high-growth career path that comes with benefits like being able to set your own schedule and define the type of work you do. Whether you want to make the move into the consulting field or become more established and competitive as a consultant, this course can help you both set up and manage a consulting business. Join Mike Figliuolo as he covers the critically important components of consulting—including marketing, selling, contracting, managing engagements, and business administration. Learn how to optimize the time and effort you spend, follow best practices, and avoid common pitfalls. He shares instructions and insights related to expanding client relationships, running engagements, responding to RFPs, protecting intellectual property, getting licensed, and more.

Learning objectives

  • Identify types of consulting business models.
  • Describe revenue models.
  • Explain how to estimate and manage costs.
  • Price services using pricing strategies.
  • Explain how to negotiate deals with clients.
  • List effects of responding to RFPs.
  • Identify the phases of constructing a consulting engagement.
  • Present findings and implement recommendations.
  • Describe different ways to manage legal issues.
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