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Corporate Video Essentials: Post-Production

In this third installment of the Corporate Video Essentials series, Rich Harrington and Amy DeLouise detail the post-production process. Once you’ve finished shooting, you need to take all the information you captured—both the actual footage and any intellectual knowledge or project experience—and turn it into a polished, final product for your client. Rich and Amy cover the major aspects of post-production, starting with reviewing deliverables, using interview transcripts to propel your workflow, organizing your footage, and assembling a rough cut. From there, they show how to build a soundtrack with interviews, voiceovers, background sounds, and music. Amy and Rich also cover working with graphics to both convey information and give your film a refined, professional look. Finally, they show you how to polish up your rough cut with color correction, transitions, and reviews, how to export your work for client review, and steps you can take to future-proof your work.

Note: This course was created by RHED Pixel. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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