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Cybersecurity Careers: Become a Business Information Security Officer (BISO)

Every team, function, and department at your company depends on technology. But how are organizations protecting their technology stacks when users are not cybersecurity experts? That’s where business information security officers (BISO) work to bridge the gap. In this course, instructor Nicole Dove gives insight into the BISO role, where it fits within a company’s structure, and the skills needed to be effective in this critical leadership role.

Explore common business challenges and how BISOs can help resolve, or even prevent, them. Nicole shares lessons from her own experience about what it takes to align the priorities and operations of information security and business leadership across different domains and functions. By the end of this course, you’ll know more about how the BISO helps protect sensitive information about consumers and company secrets, improves the maturity of technology ecosystems, and creates new space for innovation.

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