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Data-Driven Decision-Making for the Real World

It doesn’t matter where you work—decision-making is a difficult but unavoidable fact of life. But what if it were easier? What if you could find a way to make smarter, faster, and more successful decisions? In this course, instructor Jamie Champagne shows you how to use data to drive better decision-making, inform long-term strategic planning, and deliver successful and sustainable outcomes in all areas of business.

Discover what data-driven decision-making looks like in a variety of real-world contexts. Learn how to spot the need for a more focused view on data, what data to gather, how to gather it, and how to utilize it to make successful decisions daily. Be it an operational, tactical, or strategic decision, there’s always room to improve. Jamie walks you through ten key activities to keep your decision-making process razor-sharp, highlighting the power of needs assessments, research design, data gap analysis, substitute data types, partnerships, data visualizations, and more.

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