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Designing Learning Experiences in the Metaverse

If you work in learning and development, you most likely know that the future is already here. Now, not only do you have to design experiences for elearning modules, microlearning, and online or hybrid classrooms, you also have to design learning platforms and curriculum that meet the unique needs and opportunities of the metaverse.

Join instructor Karl Kapp in this cornerstone skills course on effective virtual learning and development. Karl shows you how to build collaborative, three-dimensional learning experiences to take your instructional design skill set to the next professional level. Learn about the fundamentals of the metaverse for successful learning, why well-designed learning really matters, and when and how to conduct future-forward instructional experiences, evaluate your performance, overcome critical incidents, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to wield your new metaverse design skills to promote virtual collaboration, innovation for growth, and learning.

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