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How to Make Creative Thinking a Habit

Creativity isn’t a gift that only certain people have: to be human is to be hard wired to be creative. But creative thinking is a skill that’s developed carefully and thoughtfully over time. In this course, creativity expert Natalie Nixon explores the importance of making creative thinking a habit that you can bring into your everyday personal and professional life.

Discover two foundational pieces of creativity: building wonder and rigor as available skills. Learn about opportunities to bring creative thinking into your workflow and adopt a courageous mindset to imagine more creative, innovative ideas, following tactical exercises from Natalie that can help fuel your imagination, wonder, and generative creative thoughts, as well as practical strategies to promote creative thinking, including restraints, rigor sprints, movement, and more. Upon completing this course, you’ll also be prepared to feed your creative thinking by using cutting-edge tools and techniques from generative AI.

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