Human Services, Consulting and Education

Human Resources Foundations

Whatever business you’re in, there’s a fundamental need to support the people that work there. That’s where human resources comes in. In this course, HR expert Wayne Cascio provides a comprehensive guide to the field of human resources. Wayne ensures new HR professionals are well versed in their core responsibilities: from attracting, interviewing, and hiring candidates to establishing a pay strategy and creating systems for internal training and development. Wayne also discusses the role that HR plays in career development, performance management, and managing an international workforce.

Learning objectives

  • Explore the parallels between HR strategy and business strategy.
  • Identify four approaches to talent management.
  • Recognize the factors that support the business case for diversity.
  • Recall the key features of effective training and career development programs.
  • Review the principles of effective performance management.
  • Identify the difference in cost between domestic and international employees.
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