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Influence Without Authority (getAbstract Summary)

If you’re a manager or boss, why does influence matter? Can’t you just tell people what to do? That worked in the old paradigm, but the days of blind employee obedience are over. This audio-only course is a leadership guide by Allan R. Cohen and David L. Bradford and offers a classic, necessary set of prescriptions for anyone working in a flat, team-based organization. It’s a guide that will prove useful to almost everybody employed at a contemporary organization. The waning of the old hierarchical organization, with its clear lines of authority and control-command management styles, puts a greater emphasis on your individual ability to achieve your goals by enlisting support from people who, often, have no obligation to provide it. If you’re looking to garner influence in the modern workplace, check out this clear, jargon-free outline of the basic principles you need to know to influence others, even if you lack sufficient authority.

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