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Insights from a Cybersecurity Professional

Are you interested in starting a career in cybersecurity, already in cybersecurity and looking for your next move, or just curious about how emerging technologies may affect cybersecurity? In this course, Mike Chapple, an expert with 25 years of experience in the field, offers his insights. Mike discusses how he got started in cybersecurity and points out ways to stay on top of an ever-changing field. Mike tells you about the appeal and responsibilities of working in cybersecurity and goes over what entry-level positions look like, how to break into the field, and more. He explains career opportunities in cybersecurity and the role of certifications. Mike dives into differences and conflicts that may arise between security and business interests, as well as the role of compliance in cybersecurity. He highlights several specific technologies that impact cybersecurity, then finishes up with his thoughts on the future of this fascinating field.

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