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Leading Through Anxiety

These are anxious times, especially for leaders who need to support their teams while also driving business results. In this course, self-described anxious overachiever and host of the popular LinkedIn Presents podcast The Anxious Achiever Morra Aarons-Mele shares proven techniques for managing anxiety as a leader and leveraging it as a force for good that will help you and your team thrive. Morra explains that anxiety is normal and can be a leadership strength. She guides you through understanding your anxiety and ways that anxiety may manifest itself at work, both in the office and remote. Morra shows you how to surf the waves of anxiety, create boundaries and limits, and pace your workday. She introduces you to some quick and powerful hacks to calm anxiety in the moment, no matter where you are. Morra presents a new lens for viewing your anxiety as a superpower that you can harness for good, to help yourself and your teams thrive.

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