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Lean Six Sigma: Define and Measure Tools

The Green Belts or Black Belts that lead Lean Six Sigma projects are well-trained and ready to guide your project to the finish line. But what do you, as a team member on a Lean Six Sigma project team, need to know to be effective? In this course, Dr. Richard Chua provides coverage of fundamental Lean Six Sigma concepts that can help you add value to your project. Here, he focuses on key tools and techniques in the Define and Measure phases of the DMAIC—Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control—approach. Discover how Lean Six Sigma integrates lean into DMAIC. Learn about the project charter, process mapping, using Pareto charts to identify problem areas, and more. For information about the final three phases of DMAIC, make sure to check out the next installment of the Lean Six Sigma Teams series.

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