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Logo Trend Report 2017-2018

As a designer, your clients rely on your expertise to create eye-catching, elegant designs that accurately represent their products or services. By connecting with the latest logo trends, you can design smarter and make more informed artistic choices. In this course, join Bill Gardner as he shares which directions the logo design industry is going, and provides you with the resources and guidance you need to craft solutions that will be as relevant as those created by the most seasoned professional.

Bill covers over a dozen trends in-depth, explaining how each came about. As he dives into the origins of these trends, he introduces hundreds of the most current logos crafted by exceptional designers around the world. Bill helps you become sensitized to recognizing the nuances that are occurring in the industry, and know when a trend has run its course. Plus, learn where to look to find sparks that can help you identify trends before others, and create a forward-thinking project that launches you into the vanguard.

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