Human Services, Consulting and Education

Measuring Learning Effectiveness

Are you looking for a way to assess the ROI for your in-house learning programs? Discover the ins and outs of how to evaluate whether learning objectives are being met in your organization. In this course, Jeff Toister explores several popular models for determining the effectiveness of a class or training course. He then gives you a framework that you can put into practice when you want to apply a particular model.

Learn about creating an evaluation strategy, collecting assessment data, and making recommendations for improvements. The Kirkpatrick Model, the Phillips ROI Methodology, and Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method are discussed in depth, as well as alternative approaches that you can use such as predictive analytics. These tools give you the data to validate your current training strategy or recommend data-driven improvements. That way, you can ensure your training programs are tailored to how your participants are actually learning.

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