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Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) Associate Cert Prep: Manage Workspaces on Power BI

The Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification is intended for data professionals who leverage Microsoft’s Power BI data visualization tool. This course helps you prepare for the section of the PL-300 certification exam that deals with managing workspaces in Power BI. Instructor Joshua Rischin starts with the basics, providing an intro to workspace basics and showing you how to configure workspace settings and customize workspace roles. He then explains how to configure workspace assets—how to import and configure existing content, create dashboards, and package your content as a workspace app. Learn about configuring content value, including what sensitivity labels are and how to apply them to workspace assets, and how to configure workspace content endorsement. Joshua finishes with a chapter exploring how to get even more from Power BI workspaces, giving you superior control over your data-driven assets.

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