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Promoting Internal Mobility as a Manager

During the “Great Reshuffle,” organizations are rethinking their entire working models, cultures, and values. At the same time, employees are reconsidering not just how they work but also why they work, looking for not just greater flexibility but also greater fulfillment. Managers play a key role in nurturing and retaining employees, including helping their employees to find new opportunities within their organizations. In this course, instructor Alisa Cohn helps you think holistically about how to support your employees’ career development and promote internal mobility. Alisa shows you how to coach your employees to reveal career aspirations. She shares ways to re-recruit your people continuously and support internal roles with your employees. Alisa also covers building talent networks around you, keeping in touch with former employees, and working on your own career mobility. This course will make you a better manager, overall, and will help you support your employees and more easily recruit new ones to your team.

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