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Learn How to Start Your Job or Internship Search!

A job or internship search is a circular process that requires continuous engagement in research, networking, and reflection. A search requires a two-part approach. There’s a proactive component which utilizes networking to reveal information related to unposted jobs, and a passive component which utilizes online job search tools and resources.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Guide Your Search

  • What are you looking for in this opportunity?
  • Are your application materials up-to-date?
  • What are your “must haves.” These vary from person to person, however examples include: position type, individual values, workload, day-to-day, interests, required skills, location, salary, benefits, individual needs, and industry.
  • What opportunities and position types you are looking for?
  • Are you comfortable with evaluating job descriptions to customize your application materials?

Understanding the Search Process

The search process requires a lot of patience and perseverance. You may find yourself at different phases of the process
in each opportunity you apply for.

Interviewing: communicating and assessing your fit for the position and organization – also an opportunity for you to evaluate how the position and organization meets your needs and confirm timelines

Searching: identifying opportunities via network connections, online job boards, professional associations, conferences, university resources, and industry events

Applying: evaluating job postings, customizing application documents, attending career fairs

Waiting: utilize this time to reflect and recalibrate your search techniques, reconnect with your network and continue to make connections, develop professionally, work on your weaknesses, practice your interviewing techniques, and continue searching

How to Initiate Your Search

Evaluate and incorporate stress management techniques to maintain motivation

Identify yourself as a candidate to your connections

Utilize the resources available to you to research, network, apply to opportunities, and prepare for interviews

Organize your search in a system that works for you (see an example on back): save the job posting, use a consistent and professional naming convention for documents (Last_resume_organization)

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