Experiential Learning & Campus Inclusion

Keira Simmonds

Associate Director for Experiential Learning and Campus Inclusion

I am proud to serve in my role as the Associate Director for Experiential Learning and Campus Inclusion. Leading a dedicated team, I work to ensure that every student has access to transformative experiences across campus and receives ongoing support as they transition beyond graduation.

My responsibilities include developing strategies for the career center to provide essential resources, guidance, and support to campus stakeholders. I also focus on communicating the tangible impact of experiential learning on our students’ future readiness to enter the workforce.

In this capacity, I drive initiatives that bridge the gap between students, industry partners, and campus collaborators, fostering experiential learning opportunities and connections. I work to create an ecosystem where we all work collectively to provide all Gators the opportunity to develop the skills needed to excel in a 21st century tech enable and global workforce.

Specialties and Interests

Experiential Learning and Alumni Engagement