At the University of Florida’s Career Connections Center, we know that major does not always equal career. We have launched our new Career Pathways model that infuses Career Clusters to allows you to explore different paths for after graduation. The goal of our Career Pathways model is to link your learning opportunities to the knowledge and skills you need for future education and employment.


Your Career Path is unique to you and is how you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Career Pathways are made up of customized resources, tools, programs, and services that guide you towards a full range of opportunities for after graduation. Career Pathways are directly connected to industry and career options. They provide you with the opportunity to explore future possibilities, connect with industry professionals, and get involved in a variety of experiences that fit your unique interests.


Career clusters are groups of similar occupations and industries that have a common set of required knowledge and skills. They have been developed so you can easily explore a variety of career options and set your career path for where you would like to go after graduation. Career clusters are purposefully not attached to academic majors because majors do not always equal careers.

As a part of the Career Pathways model, we have updated our Career Community webpages. Our Career Communities are industry and affinity-based groupings that provide customized resources and connections to support your career pathway. Creating spaces for communities to gather provides connection opportunities for you to engage with the C3, other students, alumni, and industries.


  • Create connections at UF and beyond to learn about yourself and career options
  • Understand and develop profession skills in-demand within your field(s) of interest
  • Get involved in a variety of experiences that fit your unique interests.
  • Prepare you for success after graduation


Your Career Path is unique to you and is how you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Career Pathways Signature Programs are events and workshops that give you the opportunity to explore future possibilities, connect with industry professionals, and get involved in a variety of experiences that fit your unique interests. Visit our Events Calendar to find programs scheduled for this semester.

Gator Career Chats provide students the opportunity to learn more about various career paths from UF alumni or friends of the Gator Nation who are in these careers now, with a focus on sharing their career journeys and tips on how to prepare for careers in these pathways.

If you are exploring career options after college, wondering what employable skills you can build, or identifying professional habits to master, Gator Career Chats are designed for you.

Expecting to be interviewed soon? Not sure how to perform in a case interview? Wondering the best ways to share your stories during the interview? We got you! Ace the Interview , from planning for the logistics to commonly asked questions. We may also invite UF alumni or employers to provide their insights and tips as well.

Types of interviews covered include:

  • Behavioral interviews
  • Case interviews
  • Technical interviews
  • Group interviews
  • Multiple mini interviews (MMI)

Industry Institutes include a variety of exploratory events that help students learn about and determine if careers within a specific pathway are a good fit for them. These sessions are intended to be interactive or first-hand and may include shadowing, networking, site visits and other events involving industry partners. You will develop an understanding of how the specified job functions and have a better grasp of the skills it entails and how you can prepare for a job in the field. You will also build your network, developing connections with industry leaders who could help you find valuable opportunities in the future.

Career Treks are a field trip or virtual visit to an employer site and typically consist of a tour, an overview of the company or organization, and opportunities to hear from current employees about their jobs. Career Treks are great opportunities to learn from employees about their daily work, how they got their initial interest in the company, and their own job search experience.

Each year, the Career Connections Center hosts nearly 20 career fairs, from our signature event, Career Showcase, which features employers from all industries to niche events like the Careers in Communication Fair and Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Engineering Career Fair, and even a Graduate and Professional Schools Fair for students considering further study. Our Prepare for the Career Fair workshops will help you learn how to navigate each fair, prepare your elevator pitch, and make a positive impression.

Some workshops, like “Prepare for Career Showcase: How to Stand Out to Employers,” will feature recruiters attending the career event who will share their advice on successfully connecting with recruiters at a career fair. In short, when you leave a Prepared for the Career Fair workshop, you will be ready to have an amazing experience at any of our career events and to discover opportunities with employers hiring Gators!

The Career Pathways team has career coaches specializing in every industry interest, and they want to meet you and help you find your path! Pop-Up Events take place throughout UF’s campus – often in college buildings like Weimer Hall or gathering spaces like the Plaza of the Americas. Pop-Ups are casual events, offering you the chance to meet career coaches around campus to ask your career questions, get a resume reviewed, or learn about upcoming career events and other opportunities from the Career Connections Center.

Career Pathways staff are also available to speak in classes and student organizations. We cover career topics like developing resumes and cover letters, navigating career fairs, preparing for interviews, and exploring your career options. Or we can help plan a customized session, like an elevator pitch practice event, tabling at an office open house, or bring in an employer partner to speak to students and educate them on career topics.

Visit our Outreach Requests page to learn more about our available topics and submit a request. Be sure to give at least two weeks’ notice and select the Career Pathway that best matches your class or organization’s industry interests. We will follow up to confirm your request!