Global & Sociocultural Learning

The resources and tools found within this community have been designed and curated to support students who are interested in gaining experience with global and sociocultural experiences.

Global and sociocultural learning involves continued exploration and understanding of diverse cultures. It’s about gaining skills and attitudes to engage effectively with global issues and different ways of life. Whether in class or out in the world, it’s hands-on learning about interconnectedness, intercultural competence, and navigating complex challenges. Through this learning, you develop a broader perspective, empathy, and cultural sensitivity, preparing you to thrive in an interconnected society shaped by diverse perspectives and experiences.

Why be involved in Global & Sociocultural Learning?

Global and sociocultural learning enhances your understanding and sensitivity to diverse perspectives, traditions, and practices, fostering appreciation for societal complexities and diverse experiences.

Engaging in global learning promotes awareness of global impact and interconnectedness, cultivating a sense of global citizenship and responsibility as you recognize the broader implications of your actions.

Through global and sociocultural learning, you develop essential skills in communication, empathy, and collaboration across cultural boundaries, equipping you with the cultural competence needed to interact respectfully and effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

These learning experiences challenge you to grow personally, fostering resilience and adaptability in unfamiliar contexts, while also empowering you through critical thinking, self-reflection, and advocacy for equity and inclusion.

Engaging in global and sociocultural learning enhances your competitiveness in diverse job markets, showcasing your ability to thrive in multicultural environments, and encourages active participation in community initiatives, social justice movements, and advocacy efforts.

Things to consider:

Understand the academic requirements and expectations associated with your chosen global learning program, such as course credits, assignments, and assessments. Communicate with your academic advisors to ensure that your global learning experience aligns with your degree requirements and academic goals.

Respect cultural differences and norms when interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Be open-minded, curious, and willing to learn from others’ perspectives, while also being mindful of cultural etiquette and customs to avoid unintentional offense.

Plan your experience carefully, considering logistical details such as transportation, accommodations, visas, safety, and insurance. Start early and seek guidance from advisors or program coordinators to ensure a smooth and well-organized experience. Research your destination and take necessary precautions, such as staying informed about local laws and customs, registering with your country’s embassy, and maintaining emergency contacts.

Evaluate the financial implications of participating in these opportunities, including program fees, travel expenses, and potential currency exchange rates. Explore scholarship opportunities, funding options, and budgeting strategies to make your experience financially feasible.

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Career Resources

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Learn more about opportunities to study and intern abroad, fostering cultural understanding and personal development while gaining academic credit.

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