What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning encompasses diverse personal and professional activities, engaging you beyond the classroom to gain practical insights, develop knowledge and skills, and establish valuable professional connections, making you world-ready.

Experiential Learning opportunities range from a wide variety of enriching experiences, including service learning, faculty-led research, study abroad, student employment, cooperative education, and internships. When engaging in these applied experiences, you can reflect on the unique value of the world of work and gain confidence in your career direction.


Why be involved in experiential learning?

Embracing Experiential Learning transforms your journey, leading to personal and professional self-discovery. By engaging in Experiential Learning, you will gain an understanding of your strengths, passions, and values, while also developing skills and competencies.

As the workplace continues to evolve, employers increasingly prioritize candidates who possess both theoretical understanding and experience in real-world application, making Experiential Learning a tool for career readiness. Further, Experiential Learning has been shown to positively impact students’ career readiness competencies, therefore making them workforce-ready. For employers, career readiness plays a key role in sourcing talent, providing a means of identifying key skills and abilities across all job functions.

Experiential Learning @UF

With over 4000 opportunities at your fingertips, you have the power to design an exceptional and distinctive student journey. At UF, experiential learning is organized into seven categories, each offering you a pathway to engage deeply with your education and the world around you. By embracing these transformative and meaning opportunities, you not only cultivate the skills needed for success in your chosen career but also foster a lifelong commitment to learning that will shape your life forever.

Find more ways to get involved with experiential learning @UF by clicking here to access an experiential learning dashboard; The Experiential Learning dashboard is a comprehensive and searchable database of the many experiential learning opportunities that any student at the University of Florida can use to identify ways to get involved and gain meaningful experiences inside or outside the classroom.

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